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We make it simple, so you can get back to running your business.

Focus On Cashflow

Because there's more to your business than a credit score. Poor personal credit or lack of collateral does not mean you are not fundable.

Fast Decisions

Decisions in as fast as 1 business day, funding in as fast as 2 business days.

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Our well trained staff has helped nearly 50,000 unique businesses. There is no cost and no obligation for quotes or questions.

Grow Your Business Your Way

Use these funds for Marketing, Cash Flow, Expansion, Newer Technology, Staffing, Bulk Supplies, Equipment, Taxes, Bills/Debt, and Any Other Business Purpose.

Get Tax Deductions and Build Your Business Credit

Our factor rate is interest and is fully written off or tax deductible. Additionally, repayment is reported to the business credit bureaus, building your business credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an Up-Front Fee?

There are absolutely no upfront fees. Our loans are 100% performance based.

What Are Your Qualifications For Approval?

Your qualifications are determined by a variety of factors, depending on your situation and preference. We typically analyze the volume of cash flow in your business, which is a better indicator of your company's financial health than its credit rating. Minimum requirements include 1 year in business, having $100k or more revenue in the past 12 months, and a personal credit score of 500 or higher.

Do You Require Any Personal Collateral?

No. Personal collateral is not required to gain financing.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved?

Approval can be within a few days.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Funds?

We can fund as quick as 24 hours to a few days.

Is There a Fee To Have Funds Released?


Will I Need to Personally Guarantee My Business Loan?

There is no traditional personal guarantee required.

Can I Pay The Loan Back Early?


Can I Get More Money If I Need It?

Yes, we can provide you with additional funds, typically you can borrow 2-3 times per year. Our goal is to develop a long term relationship. As you start to repay, you can become eligible for more money with better rates and better terms.

Are There Any Restrictions On How My Loan Can Be Used?

There are no restrictions on how you can use the money received from your loan.

Is There a Cost Obligation If You Approve My Loan?

No cost, no obligation. If we approve you for more than you need, you are not obligated to take the full amount. If you don't take the full amount but determine you need the additional money later on, you can have access to the difference (concurrent) for 90 days. Then once you repay approximately 50% of the loan, we will make more available.

If I Have Had a Bankruptcy In The Past Am I Still Eligible?

Yes, if the bankruptcy has been discharged for at least one year.

To access $10K to $2M for your business now, or for a free quote

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About Our Company

Running a business is hard work. Getting funding from is not. We offer a performance-based model that makes fair financing available to thousands of well-run businesses that just miss the cut for traditional bank loans. We will analyze the volume of cash flow in your business, which is a better indicator of your company's financial health than your personal credit score. This allows us to lend to businesses that would otherwise be locked out of fairly priced capital. By changing the evaluation process, has made it easy for you to receive loans at fair rates so you can focus on growing your business.

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